Having a baby in the regular hospital bed just does not seem as appealing to many expectant mothers as it used to be. Many mothers don’t like the idea of using drugs to dull the pain of childbirth. Instead they prefer to search out other methods that may help them to cope with the birth pain. One such way that is becoming more and more popular is water birth. Many women consider water birth to be a very gentle and relaxing way to give birth. Not all hospitals have the facilities for water birth. You may have to check around at different hospitals to see if they offer water birth. If there are no hospitals in your area that offer this then you may need to locate a birthing center in your area. Just about all birthing centers have the facilities to handle a water birth. You also have the option of having your baby right in your own bathtub. Some parents find this even more relaxing since they do not have to worry about being separated from their baby immediately after giving birth. Usually in hospitals, they take the baby for a short time after you have given birth. This is to test the baby and make sure that they are alright. But the problem is that they end up keeping the baby in the nursery a lot longer than is really necessary.

Your doctor will probably give you a long list of instructions that you will need to follow if you are going to go with a water birth. You should make sure that you take the time to read up on water births. Just because one person found it relaxing, it does not necessarily mean that you will enjoy it as well. But why do so many women find water birth so relaxing, and less painful? Well if you think about it many people find being in water very relaxing, and every woman who I have spoken to who has actually gone through the water birth process say that as long as you do all of the breathing exercises that you will have minimal amount of pain. Of course you will also need your doctor’s ok before you are able to determine if water birth is for you. Women with certain type of disorders are not able to have a water birth. Your doctor will let you know if you fit into this category or not. Water birth really is a great alternative to using drugs, and is a great experience for moms. So if you are planning to have a baby or are currently pregnant why not look into having a water birth.