If you’re like me, the concept of potty training your toddler seems somewhat foreign. You’ve read the articles, you’ve bought the potty, you’ve looked for signs that your toddler is ready. You may even have tried to start showing him the potty is there, how to pee-pee in it, only to have him soaking wet a few minutes later.

While some children may be very easy to train, there are others, like my stubborn little guy, that require more persistance and, yes, patience as well.

As enticing as it sounds to “Potty Train Your Child in One Day!” as some article offer, it just isn’t feasible and it isn’t realistic. The process is long going and exhausting. There will be accidents and the occasional gross mess. There will be moments where you want to throw your hands up and just put a diaper on him. But here’s the thing; if you don’t want to be “that parent” whose child is four and still in diapers, you have to steel yourself, be fiercly determined, and draw energy from within that you have no clue is there.

I was flabbergasted. I figured if my son was ready to potty train, I would clearly see the signs those other articles talk about. But I never did and there he was approaching three years old with no desire to have his messy diapers changed and was completely content to run around wet. Sure, I showed him a couple of times what the potty was and what it was for but he’d go, “UGH!” and wrap his arms around himself gansta syle. It was his way of telling me that he didn’t want to do something. Enticing him with stickers and treats? Because he didn’t acknowledge what it was for, I was certain he didn’t understand it.

So while expressing my woes in my favorite forum at Talkwhatever.com, a friend of mine, Terri, told me that her daughter-in-law had the same problem with her son. Terri said she told her daughter-in-law that her son wasn’t the one with the problem; it was the daughter-in-law who had the problem. It was she who hadn’t been consistent, who had been too busy to do what was necessary to make it work. The post was like a kick in the butt for me. It was me who didn’t get it. It was me who was too busy to correctly potty train.

So I’ve been going at it for a week now. I’ve set the timer on my oven for every fourty minutes and when it goes off, I yell, “What time is it?!” and I get a “Potty Time!” from my son in response. He does go more often than not now, but he still hasn’t caught a clue that he can’t go in his underwear. But that’s okay. He will eventually get it.

You know if your child is old enough so it’s not about him. YOU have to be determined, calm, patient, persistent, and consistent in order to get your child potty trained. It will not happen overnight and probably won’t even happen within a week. Keep at it and they will get it.

Oh, and it helps to have a can of Resolve on hand, too.