Have you always been amazed at the things that toddlers can do with their hair? Have you ever stared enviously at a two year old as their hair defied gravity? Just follow my simple steps below and you will be the talk of the Playgroup and maybe even the town!

It is very important to decide what look you are going for. With toddlers the choices are endless! For instance, the Post Lunch Spike, the Look How Many Headstands I Can Do Flat Top, or the After Nap Mohawk. I have added instructions for these and a few others below.

You must have the essential tools on hand. Some of the things that you will need are applesauce, jell-o, ice cream (half melted), mac and cheese, or whipped cream, preschool safety scissors, and a bowl. With these tools you can create a variety of toddler styles!

For the Post Lunch Spike, you need applesauce, jell-o, ice cream (half melted), mac and cheese, or whipped cream. Personally I prefer applesauce-it holds really well while providing a healthy snack!

Now take a handful of whatever you prefer from the list above and smash it on the top of your head. It’s a good idea to rub it in. Place a bowl of the stuff on your head if you don’t feel you have enough on there. Remove the bowl and spike hair with your fingers. Allow to dry.

For the Look How Many Headstands I Can Do Flat Top you may not need any tools at all. You can achieve this look by standing on your head for an extended amount of time or by placing a large flat object, such as a phonebook or an encyclopedia repeatedly on your head until hair is flat.

For the After Nap Mohawk, your hair needs to be wet. Not damp, wet. Now, lay down, anywhere is fine. Stretch your hair straight out and away from your head as far as possible. Next, sleep for two hours. I promise you will have a special look when you wake up!

If you would like to color your hair like a toddler then you will need to pick the color. Here is a small list of items you can use to get the color you want. Tomato soup for red, mustard for yellow, grape jelly for a kicking punk rocker purple (also good for spiking!) and cooked carrots for orange. Apply all over head. Do NOT rinse!

For that Oh My Gosh What Did You Do To Your Hair look of an older toddler or preschooler you will need a pair of safety scissors. Gently grasp the hair at the front of your head. Cut a section almost down to the scalp (leave only about ½ inch so it sticks up just so), leave the next section long, then cut short again. Keep alternating till you achieve the look you want.

With the tips above you will be styling in no time!