The Baby Einstein Movin’ Music Caterpillar is a car seat toy and mirror designed to entertain your baby while traveling. The Movin’ Music Caterpillar is designed for newborns and older babies. As you would expect from a Baby Einstein product the Movin’ Music Caterpillar lights up, plays classical music and teaches colors in three languages. The lights and music help calm a younger baby during a car trip. And with the addition of learning colors and seeing the lights change in rhythm with the music it is still fascinating for an older baby. A convex elongated mirror is at the top of the toy and serves not only to let your baby see herself but also helps you keep an eye on your rear facing baby.

Modes of Play

The Baby Einstein Movin’ Music Caterpillar has four modes of play. You can have your baby listen to classical music and watch the lights move in synchronization with the music. Or, for more sleepy times you can choose to have either just music play or just have the lights on for nighttime relaxation. The Movin’ Music Caterpillar also teaches color recognition in English, Spanish and French. Each of the four colors will light up as its name is given in one or all three of the languages. The Baby Einstein Movin’ Music Caterpillar also has a volume control with four levels including mute.

Remote Control

The Baby Einstein Movin’ Music Caterpillar comes with a remote for parental control from anywhere in the car. The star shaped remote allows you to change the mode of play and volume on the Movin’ Music Caterpillar. The remote, however, cannot turn the toy on. The only way to activate the Baby Einstein Movin’ Music Caterpillar is to press the white Baby Einstein logo on the toy itself.

Other Considerations

The Baby Einstein Movin’ Music Caterpillar definitely helps out during car trips. The lights and music are entertaining and at night can be soothing. The music is soft and light and will not annoy adults or older children. However, the repetition of color names may get a bit obnoxious after a while.

The only thing I would change about the Baby Einstein Movin’ Music Caterpillar would be remote activation. It is nice to have the remote to change the play modes but, it does seem ridiculous that you cannot turn the toy on with the remote. My son can kick the power button and turn it on by himself right now. But with a younger or “uncooperative” baby having to reach into the backseat or most likely stop the car and get in the back to turn on the toy can get a bit tedious.