There is the mom who is convinced that her little bundle of joy is a bona fide genius. She is sure that her baby is the smartest on the block and it is only a matter of time before Albert Einstein will have some serious competition. Some of these moms may be a little annoying at times, especially when they call you five or six times a day only to brag about their infant’s ability to smile – at one week old – or the child’s ability to recognize shapes – at the tender age of one month. Maybe you are a new parent and are beginning to worry that your baby is lagging behind.

Do not worry! The odds are pretty good that the other mom might be misinterpreting some chance happenings for the real developmental mile stones. Add to this the fact that each child is developing differently, and it is not surprising that no two children will be doing exactly the same thing at exactly the same time. Here is a quick list of developmental mile stones and when you might see them.

Facial expressions, such as smiles, will most likely occur after the first month of age. This is also the time when she or he will begin to coo at you. When your baby is three months old, it will begin to take an interest in other things, such as infant toys. Some of these items will be so fascinating that the little one will study them for long periods of time. At four months of age, the baby will begin to try to sit up and also try to imitate speech. This might be the time you will hear that first “mama” or “dada!” At six months of age, your baby will probably be a pro at sitting up and the bassinet may become a thing of the past, at the baby might be too big for it now. Time to get a crib! Once the baby is nine months of age, it is time to invest in some running shoes for you. The little one is beginning to pull up and will soon take its first steps. Twelve months old, and probably already walking or seriously thinking about it – now is a good time to wear your running shoes, because once your baby has figured out how to walk, there will be no stopping her or him!