Most of my toddler’s clothing is from,, and various other online discounters. So you’ve already looked in all the places I would recommend! It is just a sad fact that there are fewer things to choose from in the toddler sizes than in the infant sizes. This seems to be true of any brand in any store. Used clothing is of course a good idea; garage sales get you the lowest prices, though quality will be more even in consignment stores and there’s more selection available on eBay. Also worth a look: Web Clothes, through Amazon for some reason, the shipping charge is lower when you order through Amazon rather than directly from,, and various other online discounters try a search on Yahoo! Shopping; and Marshall’s small selection but good prices; and sale and clearance items at Old Navy, the Gap, the Children’s Place at stores or online, works especially well if you can predict what size you’ll want *next* year, so that you can buy out of season.

For the longest time I never shopped at Land’s End. I found their clothes to be a little to conservative for my taste. I also imagined their quality to be lacking.

However, I finally broke down because my oldest child starting wearing big kid clothes. She liked jeans but wanted only elastic waist jeans. They turned out to be impossible to find in her size, until one day I found them in a Land’s End catalog. I ordered two pairs of jeans and a few other items. When they arrived, I was impressed with the quality and fit for the price. So, I got braver and ordered more things for my kids. I have never been disappointed and my kids love the comfort, warmth and designs of these clothes.,, and various other online discounters sells via catalog and the internet. I understand there are also some outlets, but sadly, none near me. The sweats for children and very, very thick and soft, they stay soft through multiple washings and are a great value for the price. The elastic waist jeans are medium weight denim and fit well. My oldest will only wear these jeans. The older kid’s long sleeve t-shirts are generally under $20 and are soft, good quality cotton. I ordered a parka for myself. It was one of the cheapest I have seen and it keeps me very, very warm in cold New England winters.,, and various other online discounters also offer many features on its web site to make shopping easy. They have a “my model” feature for men and women where you can input your measurements and see how clothes will fit on you. There is a feature where two shoppers can shop together. There is also a live chat feature so you can talk to a sales associate. I haven’t used these features so can’t comment but there is certainly a lot to the site.

Generally, the web site works well and loads quickly. However, I have noticed a few glitches in the web site. If you try to add merchandise to your cart from the overstocks site and the regular site, sometimes the merchandise disappears from the cart.

T-shirts are sold as “little kid” and “big kid.” Both come in small, medium, large, etc. You have to make sure your choice comes from the right line. This can be difficult because sometimes I click on a “big kid” icon but the “small kid” sizes come up. Seems like a bug that hopefully is fixed. However, be sure to completely review your shopping cart before purchasing.

There is an overstocks portion of the web site where you can find items marked down. New sales items are posted every Wednesday and Saturday. The mark-downs vary. Some are only 10%, but some are much more significant.