The new Gerber Scoopin’ food is a great new self-feeding utensil for babies and toddlers. Parents know it is not easy to find a spoon that is both easy for a toddler to handle, and has good scooping capabilities. Typical toddler and baby spoons can be as flat on the spoon end as the normal spoons in your utensil drawer. The new Gerber Scoopin’ Spoon is a great spoon for toddlers who will be able to get more food on their utensil and won’t get frustrated while learning to use utensils. This new toddler feeding utensil is an affordable product.


The Gerber Scoopin’ Spoon measures four inches and three quarters. This seems to be the right length for toddlers who are self-feeding. Sometimes when you try to give a toddler a regular utensil from your silverware drawer, it can be too long. Some baby spoons and toddler spoons are also too short. This one is just right.

The Handle

The handle of the new eating utensil for toddlers by Gerber is thick in the middle, with a small rubbery hook shape in the back. The curved hook design makes it easier for a toddler to hold onto the utensil.

There are also stars on the handle, which provide the handle with a tactile sensation while eating. This may seem minor, however, it can be useful for the baby or toddler who is transitioning from eating mostly finger foods to learning how to eat with utensils.

Scooping Capabilities

The spoon portion of the Gerber Scoopin’ Spoon is the most impressive aspect of this product. The spoon is deep, curved and acts like a little scoop. The spoon portion is deep enough to scoop, but small enough to fit into a small toddler’s mouth.

I noticed when my son was eating some alphabet soup with this spoon that he was able to easily scoop the past and little vegetables and get them to his mouth without the food falling onto the high chair tray.

Product Claims

Gerber claims this new feeding utensil for toddlers “is designed to help toddlers develop their feeding skills.” ( While my son has been using utensils for more than a year, he seem quite happy with the efficiency of this particular spoon.

He also seems to handle it well without turning it upside down, which happens with some toddler feeding utensils.

Product Effectiveness

This useful toddler feeding utensil that could also be used by babies learning to self-feed.

Feeding Utensils

Not all toddler spoons are made alike. Many spoons are just not that spoony or scoopy. I have tried many different spoons, including some nice engraved stainless steel spoons that my son received at his baby shower. He has already outgrown the two baby spoons in the set.

I have also use other spoons and the only one that came close to being as effective was a spork. The spork had a nice curve to it, but sometimes toddlers don’t need a spork, they need a spoon.

So far this is the best spoon I have found that works great with soups, cereal and milk, applesauce, and yogurt.


A package of two spoons retails for $2.99 at most stores.

Reason Not to Buy

The spoon portion of this toddler eating utensil may be little too rubbery for some. Toddlers who are prone to chewing on objects may spend more time chewing on the utensil than eating.

Reason to Buy

The Gerber Scoopin’ Spoon makes it easier for a toddler to self-feed. It also helps a baby or toddler make less mess and eat more efficiently.


Toddler tested at home using a variety of foods. This has become his number one spoon