If you are a parent who is planning to send your child to a daycare program, you could do with a few guidelines to help you make a better choice; be it a preschool, family daycare or daycare centre.

You must give importance to ascertaining if the preschool, family daycare or daycare centre you wish to enroll your child in is licensed by the appropriate authority. A license is not compulsory for the centers to operate, but it would definitely put you at ease to know that you have chosen a place known for imparting superior education.

Enquire with the facility you have chosen about the focal point of their curriculum that they stress on. Many of the daycare centers mostly focus on just play time and learning. But some do have a well-structured system where the children are made to practice writing the alphabet or even writing their names. They even learn to draw pictures of various day-to-day objects and are taught to recognize different shapes and colors. It would also be advisable to find out what are the school hours, when is vacation time and if there is an after-school hours program available, if you require one.

Parents should take time to visit the centre that they propose to register their child in. Call and arrange a visit to the place. It is always nice to have a chat with the teachers and staff and also go about and acquaint yourself with the facilities available at the centre. Are the premises well maintained, especially with regard to cleanliness? Are the bathrooms well kept, particularly with regard to hygiene? Are the floors and carpets dirt free and are the classrooms tidy? Is the play area safe and secure enough for your child to run about? Will your child have a place to put his or her personal belongings? If any kind of a doubt still arises in your mind, it would be a good idea to make an unannounced visit and check again.

Take time to observe and scrutinize for yourself how the staff intermingles with the children. Is she fully occupied with them? Is she kind and show concern towards them? Does she give personal attention to each child? Does she have any other teaching experience or certifications for similar daycare centers? Examine thoroughly how the caregiver’s approach can gel with your child’s persona and requirements.

Have a chat with the teacher and try to ascertain what teaching resources are used. It would be a good idea to find out if they go about a set routine or if the syllabus they follow is flexible. If the program is properly focused on education, the resources used should be of the modern era and should also be suitable for the age group your child belongs to.

If you find everything to your satisfaction and liking, you need not look further as you have probably found the right facility to enroll your child.